Ron Nirenberg

Mayor of the City of San Antonio



Dr Paula Dobbs-Wiggins.jpg

Dr. Paula Dobbs-Wiggings

Board Certified Psychiatrist, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric association and Ordained Pastor, U.M. Church


Dr. Tim Murphy

Former U.S. Representative (R), psychologist, and author


Dr Sidney Hankerson.jpg

Dr. Sidney Hankerson

Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Columbia University




Dan H. Gillison, Jr.

CEO, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)



Copy of Daniel B Morehead MD.JPG

Dr. Dan Morehead

Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatrist, Trust Medical Center Department of Psychiatry and Private Practice

Copy of Dr Zoricelis Davila.jpg

Zorecilis Davila, Ph.D, LPC-S

Bilingual psychotherapist, author, and faculty member at Christian Latina Leadership Institute

Sherman Gillums.jpg

Sherman Gillums

NAMI National Strategy and Operations Officer




Charma Dudley.jpg

Charma Dudley, Ph.D., FPPR

NAMI Board Member, Associate Director of Behavioral Health Services and licensed psychologist

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