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About Pathways to Hope

This conference has been sponsored by a number of organizations including the Bexar County Commissioner’s Court and Health Collaborative.  The effort is being facilitated by the faith community and organizations throughout the city who want to improve mental health care, provide services, educate our students, provide social services and much more. This truly is a community wide effort. 

When one in five people experience a mental health disorder each year, all of us are affected in some way. It can be a family member, co-worker, neighbor or someone who just needs the support of our community. We know our faith community leaders, pastors, priests and rabbis, etc., are often the first ones contacted for help, but too often, the faith community has struggled to find a response.

Pathways to Hope was founded to help bridge the gap by offering opportunities for mental health education, training sessions for support group leaders in order to find ways to build help and hope in times of crisis.


This community-wide initiative will move toward breaking the stigma of mental illness so people can seek treatment sooner.  Doing so will help us become more compassionate and understanding of their needs and make our community stronger.


Thank you for joining us in this journey.

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