AGENDA - 2022

Theme: Healing Communities



  • Reduce the stigma of mental illness

  • Activate and engage faith communities to help support families and individuals living with a mental health disorder

  • Promote a holistic approach to mental health; body, mind, spirit, and community.

  • Provide information on resources for community members

  • Promote community inclusion

  • Create sustainable community conversations


Live webcast Plenary Sessions and  Workshops hosted by each NAMI affiliate


9:30 AM


Doug Beach, Chair, 2022 Pathways to Hope Conference; Rev Mignon Jones-Spann

9:35 AM

Words of Inspiration

   Patrick Gahan, Sr. Rector Christ Episcopal Church; Mehmet Oguz, Raindrop Foundation

9:45 AM


Judge Wolff, Bexar County

Daniel H. Gillison, Jr. CEO, National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Welcome

10:05 AM   

Segue Introduction

Shirley Holloway, Board President NAMI National & video

10:20 AM

Plenary 1

Dr. Thomas Insel (Co-founder and President of Mindstrong Health, psychiatrist and neuoroscientist, former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and author of Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health, 2022)

11:00 AM

Segue Introduction

Dawn Brown, Director. Cross Culture Innova & Engagement


11:05 AM

Plenary 2

"Who Moved My Happy"

Erika Kendrick, Author, Advocate, NAMI Ambassador

" Break Down Barriers Through Access, Faith and Community" (Martise Colston)

11:25 AM – 11:45 AM

Break to Workshops   and  Lunch

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

Workshop Session I

Faith Community

“Connections Matter: Faith Communities and Collective Trauma” (Rev. Justin Lindstrom, Associate Rector-Christ Episcopal Church; Vickie Hollon, Trinity Baptist Church;  Rev. Dr. Claudette Copeland, Claude Copeland Ministries)

Mental Health

Collective Trauma and Teen Mental Health: 50% increase in teen suicide attempts, remote learning and loss of socialization (Gloria Hulshof, School Social Worker, San Antonio ISD Jefferson High School; Ellen Spitsen and Meredith Howe, San Antonio Metro Health Department)

Peer Programs

Impact of community collective trauma and individuals living with a mental health diagnosis: Isolation, Support System Dysfunction (Kiley Clark, Form Communities)


The Collective Traumatic Impact of Covid 19 on Our Community:  3000 deaths, Jobs Lost, Families Displaced, Businesses lost (Mary Beth Fisk The Ecumenical Center; Mary Garr, Family Services)

1:00 PM – 1:15 PM 

Break to Workshops

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM

Workshop Session II

Faith Community

“Building a Mental Health Initiative/Program”  NAMI-Bridges to Care San Antonio (Rev Mignon Jones-Spann, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church; Rev. Veron Blue, Family Life Christian Church; Rev. Justin Lindstrom, Christ Episcopal Church; Beverly Watts-Davis, WestCare)

Mental Health

“Empathy Fatigue: Caregivers are Impacted Too” (Donna Costa, LMSW, NAMI San Antonio; Dr. Roxanna Delgado, UT Health)

Peer Programs

“Peer Leadership and Why It Matters”

(Noah Abdenour, Director of Peer and Recovery Services Programs, Planning and Policy for Texas Health and Human Services (HHS); and Anna Gray, director of Prosumers)


“A Different Pandemic: Mental Health Challenges and LGBTQ Youth” (Naomi Brown, LCSW, Director of Training and Case Management, The Center-Pride Center San Antonio; Gavin Rogers, Travis Park UMC/Corazon Ministries)

2:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Break to Workshops

2:45 PM – 4:00 PM

Workshop Session III

Mental Health    

Addressing Mental Health Issues in the Hispanic/LatinX community:  Honoring and Accepting Cultural Differences (Olga Rodriguez, Integrated Management Strategies/ CMS Program Coordinator; Dr. Mary Jo Rodriguez, St. Dominic Catholic Church)

Peer Programs

“The Pandemic and Recovery:  Recovery from Substance Use” (Evita Morin,LMSW, CEO of  Rise Recovery; David Phipps, CEO of Lifetime Recovery; Liza Jensen, Alpha Home)


“Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt: Domestic Violence” (Rev. Denise Barker, Magdalena House; Marta Prade Pelaez, CEO and Sharon Gregory, LPC, Family Violence Prevention Services)

4:00 PM 



9:30 AM


Doug Beach, Chair, 2022 Pathways to Hope Conference;

9:35 AM

Words of Inspiration

Father Mesa, St. Paul's Catholic Church; Imam Mehmet Oguz, Raindrop Foundation

9:40 AM

Segue Introduction

Doug Beach

9:45 AM

Welcome Remarks

Dan Gillison, NAMI National CEO:  “Community Collaboration”

9:55 AM

NAMI FaithNet

Doug Beach, Chair, 2022 Pathways to Hope Conference

10:10 AM


Paul Lu, NAMI FaithNet Advisory Group, Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Gunnar Christensen, “In Memoriam”

 award accepted by Susan Christensen

10:25 AM

Workshop Session IV

Sharing Hope/ Compartiendo Esparanza

Dawn Brown, National Director, NAMI HelpLine Services

Plenary #3

Community Collaboration" (Pastor Jason Reynolds, Sr. Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church)

11:30 AM

Plenary 4

"Healing Our Communities: Outcomes after Training"" (Rev Veron Blue, Dr. Andy Gray, Billy Lavender, Nikita Fox, Carolyn Bailey-White, and Dr. Sunita Punjabi)

11:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Break to Workshops

*Recognition of leaders who are doing great things around advocacy and educating – lifetime achievement and standout figures

12:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Workshop Session V

“@TheIntersection Healing Communities (verb) = Healthy Communities”

“@TheIntersection Healing Communities (verb) = Healthy Communities” (Rev. Ann Helmke)


Spanish Language: La Familia y Salud Mental (Dr. Martian Angela Aguilar and Mary Jo Rodriguez)

Healing Power of Storytelling, Community, and Technology (Rev. Ann Helmke, City’s Faith Liaison; David Pocta, Healing Community Collaborative; Elizabeth Coffee; H.E. Butt Foundation’s storytelling effort, “Who is My Neighbor?”; Rev. Dr. Dhawn Martin, )

Bro-Talk: African-American Men Talk Mental Health (Bishop Alfred Blue, Family Life International Ministries)

Young Leaders Engaged (Kristie Alsagar and Marlon Davis)

2:00 PM