Friday, August 21, 2020 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Words of Inspiration           Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio

Remarks                               Senior District Judge John J. Specia, Jurist in Residence, TX Judicial Commission on Mental Health

Plenary Speaker 1                Officer Joe Smarro, SA Police Department, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Plenary Speaker 2                The Unbelievable Truth about Mental Illness, Dr. Dan Morehead, Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatrist, Tufts Medical Center Department of Psychiatry and Private Practice

Workshop Session I

  • Mental Health                   “Ask the Docs,” Dr. Melissa Deuter, Sigma Urgent Care AND Dr. Dan Morehead

  • Therapy/Counseling         “Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis and Health Management,” Mary Beth Fisk, CEO of The Ecumenical Center for Education, Couseling and Health

  • Peer Programs                 “Living Well with a Mental Health Diagnosis,” Joe Padilla, Co-Founder of Mental Health Grace Alliance AND Pastor Brad Hoefs, Fresh Hope for Mental Health

  • Faith Community              “Compassion in Action: A Guide for Faith Communities Serving People Experiencing Mental Illness and their Caregivers,” Ben O’Dell, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services/Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives

Workshop Session II

  • Mental Health                 “Finding Help in the Middle of Crisis,” Honorable Judge Yolanda Huff, Bexar County Court #12

  • Therapy/Counseling       “Setting Boundaries: Building Healthy and Therapeutic Families,” Suzanne Robinson, NAMI Director of National Education Programs

  • Peer Programs               “Am I Included?” Beautiful Minds Coalition, Covenant Presbyterian Church, San Antonio

  • Faith Community            “Speaking to Faith and Mental Health,” Dr. Farha Abbasi, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry at Michigan State University and Director of Institute for Muslim Mental Health AND Dr. Matt Stanford, CEO of Hope and Healing Center AND Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D, Professor of Psychiatry at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

Workshop Session III

  • Mental Health                 “Navigating a Mental Health Crisis: Issues Around HIPPA, Hospitalization, Incarceration, and Finding Care," John Petrila, JD, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute AND Mike Lozito, Director of Judicial Services, Bexar County AND Luis Santos, LCSW, Manager, Behavioral Health Care Coordination, University Health System

  • Therapy/Counseling       “DBT Informed Parenting Skills for Caregivers of Youth,” Elizabeth Lovrics, MSW, RSW, DBT Group AND Helen Stolte, DBT Group)

  • Peer Programs               “Becoming a Certified Peer Specialist,” Mark Stoeltje, Executive Director, SA Clubhouse

  • Faith Community            “What Do I Do Now? How to Assess Your Faith-Based Group’s Readiness to Support Mental Health Care,” Jermine Alberty, Executive Director, Pathways to Promise

Remarks                              Rev. Professor John Swinton, School of Divinty, History and Philosophy, School of Aberdeen

Pathways to Promise Lifetime Award

Plenary Speaker 1               "Speaking the Language: Mental Health and Minority Communities," Vicky Coffee, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Plenary Speaker 2               "Bridges to Care of St. Louis: Expanding the role of faith-based organizations to support referrals and access to behavioral health care," Jermine Alberty, Executive Director, Pathways to Promise

Plenary Speaker 3               Remarks


Workshop Session IV

  • Mental Health                  "Trauma Informed Care Training and Certification," Mary Beth Fish, CEO of The Ecumenical Center for Education, Counseling, Health

  • Therapy/Counseling        “La Familia: Mental Health and the Hispanic Community," Zorecilis Davila, Ph.D, LPC-S, Bilingual Psychotherapist

  • Faith Community             “Companionship Training," Carol Hollins, Education Coordinator, NAMI San Antonio AND...