Thank you for a successful and wonderful attendance to Pathways to Hope 2020


To see the replays

  • Navigate to a desired panel

  • On the video you'll see "SCHEDULE"

  • Click on it and you'll see a drop-down menu

  • Choose the video you want to see

Follow instructions below to get your CEU credits

CEU Info

  • CEUs are only offered in Workshops, not Plenaries

  • If you are seeking CEUs, you will be required to complete a short form at the beginning and towards the end of each session. You are also required to fill out the post-conference survey.

  • You MUST fill out both forms for each session when they are posted. This will validate your attendance at the session

  • Moderators will call out two (2) codes upon sign-in / sign-out of each workshop session

  • A link for the CEU form will be posted in the chat box which you’ll click on and enter your name and code – two (2) links and two (2) codes

  • Links to the CEU forms will be open for 15 minutes

  • At the end of each day in the last four (4) session tracks, a post-conference survey link will be posted in the chat box.

  • This survey is needed in order for you to receive CEUs – You will be prompted to enter the email address you used when registering for the conference plus your name (like for the code form)

  • This end of day survey is also available on the Pathways to Hope website